When is best time to remove wisdom teeth?

When is best time to remove wisdom teeth?


The optimal time for wisdom teeth removal is 14-17 years old. At this time the wisdom teeth are usually 1/3-1/2 developed, the surgery tends to be less complicated with lowest risk of adverse outcomes, and fastest recovery.

Removing wisdom teeth in older adult years takes longer to recover from, may be accompanied by increased risk of nerve injury and altered sensation to the lower lip/chin.

Additionally there may be poor bone fill in the extraction socket, resulting in a deep periodontal pocket behind the second molar.

Typical recovery in the teenage years is 3 days for the bulk of the pain and swelling.

At 1 week post op, most patients have recovered completely.

There may be holes in the mouth where the teeth were removed.

The gums typically heal in 2-3 weeks and the underlying bone heals in 2-3 months.

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