Tips on post extraction bleeding


  • Assess post extraction bleeding with a flashlight and visual inspection. Look for blood flow from socket. If no flow, a clot has likely formed and gauze may no longer be necessary. 
  • It is normal to always have some blood on gauze, even hours later. It should be less than 50% red/pink. A quarter sized spot.
  • Gauze must apply pressure directly over socket.
  • If sleeping with gauze in mouth you can tie a strand of floss around middle of gauze to ensure it isn’t swallowed.
  • Black or green tea bag dipped in cool/lukewarm water and bit on will help a clot form.
  • Avoid swishing vigorously or spitting
  • Avoid drinking through straws
  • Elevate your head while lying down
  • Minimize talking and movement.
  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure will increase bleeding.
  • If you think you are having problems clotting, don’t wait until 12am to call you doctor, call as soon as you have a concern.
  • If your doctor cannot be reached and the bleeding is a concern, you may need to visit urgent care or the emergency department.
  • If you take blood thinners or herbal supplements you may have prolonged bleeding and should discuss this with your doctor.
  • These are general tips, discuss post operative care with your doctor.

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